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Richard Kunicki serves as a CEO of VAP and Virtual Vision S. A.

Richard Kunicki developed and managed following projects, TV formats and TV programs:

  • Between 1992-1995 development of television center: management and creation of a 10.000 m2 TV complex VAP MEDIENCENTRUM in Hamburg: 3 TV studios, 2 audio studios, postproduction, live broadcasting. Sold to HANSEATICA GROUP in 1995. Today Headquarters for HAMBURG 1 AXEL SPRINGERs local broadcaster.

  • 2004-2005 development of the THEATER IM ZIMMER in Hamburg.

  • Management of VIRTUAL VISION S.A - a public company registered on NEW CONNECT - a stock market GPW in Warszawa 2007-2008.

  • Research and creation of computer programs: Richard Kunicki / VAP is the author of a scientific project, R2052 MONA LISA (Modelling Natural Images for Synthesis and Animation), which was run by VAP between 1991 and 1995 and which concerned the formation of scientific groundwork of software for real time stimulation. This program was sponsored by the European Economic Community and implemented in cooperation between VAP and BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation), Daimler Benz, DVS, Siemens, Thomson and three universities. The fruit of that work was published by SPRINGER VERLAG in the form of a scholarly book entitled, "Image Processing for Broadcast and Video Production" ISBN 3-540-19947-0. Along with the scientific project, VAP created ELSET software for the simulation of scenography for the needs of TV production. ELSET’S licenses to VIRTUAL TV STUDIOS were purchased by the world’s biggest TV stations, such as BBC, CBS, NBC, TVP. ELSET GmbH (a 100% sister company of VAP) sold the rights for ELSET software to American company ACCOM INC (now ORAD).

  • TV production: over 1500 production hours live ON AIR were produced by Richard KUNICKI / VAP on major German national television networks.

Richard Kunicki graduated from:

  • National Film School in Lodz (PWSTiF)
  • Warsaw University of Technology (Institute of Photonics)